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Mama's Family: 3x22 - It Takes Two to Watusi

You are watching Mama's Family Season 3, Episode 22 (s3e22), broadcasting online all free at GUSTATV.TO, Naomi's best friend Luann has just been divorced and Naomi wants to set her up with a friend of her's for a double date with her and Vint to play miniature golf. But before Luann ever arrives, her date calls to say he can't make it. Naomi then suggests Bubba could be a last minute stand-in. Mama nearly goes through the roof and says no. Not wanting Bubba to associate with the likes of Luann. After a lengthy discussion, Mama gives in and let's Bubba decide for himself, while trying to lay a guilt trip on him. It's fails miserably and the foursome is soon ready to be off, until Mama announces she's coming too, with her partner Iola. Mama and Iola win the game of golf, and are ready for a game of Yahtzee, but Vint and Naomi refuse and go on to bed. Mama goes on to bed herself as Bubba walks Luann to her car, she asks for a glass of water and he runs back inside to get it for her, but what he doesn't know is she followed him in and they soon end up making out. Which makes Bubba drop and

Mar. 07, 1987

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