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Mama's Family: 3x15 - Porn Again

You are watching Mama's Family Season 3, Episode 15 (s3e15), broadcasting online all free at GUSTATV.TO, Mama is appalled when she finds a girlie magazine named Casanova under Bubba's bed while cleaning. She firsts wants to know were Bubba could get such a magazine. It soon comes out that Naomi, who wasn't paying much attention, sold it to him a few days before at Food Circus. Thinking something needs to be done, Iola has the idea to boycott Food Circus until they stop selling magazine's like that. Iola, Mama, Aunt Effie and Pearl form MOP (Mothers Opposing Pornography), and set out to picket in front of Food Circus, much to the dismay of Naomi. Who insists they go home. First Pearl breaks ranks for a tuna offer and then Effie needs to use the bathroom, and finally Iola leaves when the store offers Triple Coupons. Just as it seems all hope is lost, the media arrives and they end up getting on the National news. Continuing the fight, the quartet are busy planning their next move, when they get a call from Hollywood about a movie offer. Naomi comes in, wanting to negotiate, Mama plays hard

Jan. 17, 1987

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